Do more than




We have been around since 2013, we are one of the pioneers of Halal Cosmetics. We took on this journey as a small project, doing our own research and development. 

Through all our obstacles, we open My Little Cocoon Pte Ltd on 8 December 2016.


As consumers, we do not usually pay attention to the ingredient lists that are found on the packaging of our cosmetics. Even if we do, we may not even understand what some of the ingredients are. Most of the time, we are oblivious to the facts that our cosmetics may contain animal by-products such as pig fats!


Not only that, we are also made unaware of the manufacturing and product-testing processes for our favorite beauty brands too.


Here at MLC, we believe that beauty should never hurt – you or anyone else. We are motivated to empower women to feel and be their best – inside and out!


Do your part and join us in our little cocoon community where we aim to educate on how supporting halal and cruelty free cosmetics can ripple positive impacts to you and our world.


Let us all do more than just exist! Be part of our little cocoon and spread some love!


Much Love & Bravery,

Eri & Aishah.

Eri - Founder, Business Development

Eri loves anything music – she picked up singing at a young age where she accompanied her parents who were wedding singers to their practices and performances! She hated makeup while growing up – but well, people change. A very determined lady with a giving heart. She loves cartoons and horror movies – a case of bipolar maybe? Who cares, we still love her.

Aishah - Co-Founder, Operations

Aishah is a sport enthusiast and had represented Singapore in numerous international hockey competitions. That’s before her new passion took over – food. Being in the cosmetic industry would be the last thing in her list but look where she is now! An avid Star Wars fan, beware of her Jedi mind tricks. Only one thing can soften her strong-minded character – CATS. No matter what, we still love her.