From my teenage years, up till now, I am no stranger to Acne! I have tried (and God knows am still trying) to combat these monthly demons of mine with my battalion of skincare products. My battle every month leaves me with marks that will last a lifetime; because as the older marks heal, new ones start to develop.

Had a couple of visits to the Dermatologist (which left my pocket wounded!); tonnes – and I mean tonnes of products piled up on my face whilst finding my perfect remedy. And I hope to share my remedy to the world through MLC.

So recently, I was late for work, and went to office with a naked face. A couple of remarks thrown at me – while I managed to dodge almost all, one of it caught me by surprise. You see, some of my colleagues already knew about MLC and one of them commented, “With the scars on your face, you are suitable to be in this beauty industry”. That sarcastic remark got me the whole day and when I met Aishah, I told her how this negatively affected me.

I thought it over. About her comment. I chose to react to that negatively. It was my choice. So, I went over the whole situation in my head.

Probably she was right. I am suitable to be in this beauty industry even without a flawless, pretty face, because I deal with real issues. I understand the agony of my fellow acne sufferers more than anyone. And that gave me the strength to write this post and document my journey to the betterment of my skin!



I started with these 4 Steps routine at the start of July. Kicked off with the SAFA Skincare Set (Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer).

SAFA is a brand developed by experts based in Manchester U.K. They claim to produce high quality cosmetic range with a detailed and complex ingredient structure that delivers two simple messages: Organic and Halal.

Why I enjoy SAFA?

  1. Organic
  2. Alcohol-Free & Halal
  3. Gentle for even sensitive skin
  4. Prices start from $10.70

I particularly love the SAFA Toner, as it has a soft green tea scent to it (thanks to the high percentage of green tea extracts formulation) that never fails to leave my skin feeling refresh after every application. The toner contains Neroli Oil, which is known to be perfect for acne-prone skin given its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Neroli is well tolerated on skin and has a toning balancing effect. Something I cannot go on without!

Now, DRx HD Skin Booster is something that I never thought would be included in my Skincare list. DRx HD Skin Booster is known to reduce appearances of scars, smoothen skin texture and enhance skin brightness (desperately in need of all three!) What is even better, it can be used as your primer and makes your makeup looks higher in definition and lasts longer. I started to add the booster into my skincare regime for 3 days now and let me tell you, it does wonders! I will share more about it in my next post!



Here’s my skin for now and I will try to religiously update our blog, weekly at least, on the progress!

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