Halal Cosmetics? Is it a fad?

Halal Cosmetics? Is it a fad?

“Cruelty-Free”, “Vegan” and now, “Halal”. Many have been questioning if this is just another fad, another marketing strategy – that will fade with time.

Halal beauty is essentially cosmetic products that are made only from ingredients which are permissible under Islamic law. Islam prohibits the consumption of pork, alcohol, and blood. Products that contain one or more of these ingredients are considered to be “haram” or forbidden. “Halal” is not only applicable to products but goes beyond – from the manufacturing, packaging and even distribution.

As “Halal” is an important concept in the lifestyle of Muslims around the world, MLC aims to educate and create the awareness that halal is not only applicable to food, but also to ingredients that we use on our skin / cosmetic products as well!

The products that we’ve carefully curated are certified halal by respective Muslim bodies and most of them are not water proof – meaning that you may perform your ablution followed by your prayers without removing your makeup.

MLC carefully select brands around the world that are halal and cruelty-free to give you, our customers the peace of mind while shopping for your next beauty products!

Our conclusion – Halal cosmetics are here to stay and we are happy to spread the awareness within our Muslim community and beyond – one lipstick at a timeJ

Be part of the Cocoon community where we hope to uncover our self-beauty potential – inside and out!

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