Our Mission

Do more than




For instance, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) estimated in 2013 that Chinese companies had tested products on more than 300,000 rabbits, mice and other critters in the previous year. From brushes bristles to your curling mascara, animals suffered and died in vain (literally),


Despite the fact that alternative methods of testing have been discovered with the advancement of technologies over the years, many countries are still continuing with animal testing.


Our aim at MLC is to create a comfortable and pleasant experience for our shoppers, as we ensure that our products are both Halal and cruelty free! We want you to shop without worries!


In doing our part for Mother Earth and other earthly creatures, we strive to ensure that we minimize any wastages through using recycled boxes for our delivery packaging. We are also committed to do our part for the community through our giveback initiatives, where we partner with charity organizations and encourage our followers to contribute in any ways which they can. Every little gestures will definitely warm up the hearts of their recipients.


Above all, we hope to be able to do more than just selling makeup – we envision a world full of beautiful, confident women with caring hearts. Wouldn’t that be perfect?


If you are thinking a good time to be part of our cocoon of hope movement, the answer is NOW.


Can’t wait to welcome you in our little cocoon!


Much Love & Bravery, Eri & Aishah.