DRx FIZAKA’ ZAMAN Treatment Concealer


  • DOCTOx is committed to timeless and unique products that bring out that special kind of confidence you only feel from our cosmetics that compliment perfectly with your lifestyle.
  • Anti Crease Concealer that surely glide smoothly onto your under eyes.
  • It treats your under eyes, dark circles and many more
  • Super high coverage this one! No need get all the other Color correcting with this one! Comes in two colors! It is a treatment concealer.
  • Concealer is known for correcting blemishes, dark circle and dark spots on the face, an addition to makeup for smoother and evenly look.
  • It can also be used for highlights that lift up your face around the eyes to be more bright and fresh.
  • Applied it under foundation or on top of foundation, they can adapt with any skin tones.

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  • DRx Concealer 02 – Light
  • DRx Concealer 01 – Medium
  • DRx Concealer T – Tan


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