So, we’ve received a number of requests regarding progress update on my skin, after starting up with SAFA Skincare regime and added in the DRx HD Skin Booster as part of my skincare. Here are the steps:

  1. Cleanse face with the SAFA Cleansing Milk (use wet cotton puffs to wipe away the cleansing milk from face)
  2. Use SAFA Toner to remove any remaining impurities on your face (TRUST US! THIS TONER MAKES YOUR SKIN FEELS SUPER FRESH!)
  3. Apply the DRx HD Skin Booster to the entire face – pay particularly more attention to the acne marks
  4. Let the serum rest on your face for about 5-10mins
  5. Apply your moisturizer as needed

It’s been about 10 days and here’s the progress (in between 5 July – 17 July, Eri missed 2-3 days of applying the serum (left it in office!).

Quite a progress 🙂 Although the acne marks are still there and visible, it does look slightly lighter. And the pimple on the forehead, shrunk by itself within 2-3 days. So far so good J The complexion of the skin does feel slightly brighter overall; hoping for more progress as we carry on the routine religiously.

Will update a bit more about the products in the next post!

Stay Tuned!



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